Scalp Bumps

Scalp Bumps

Welcome to Scalp Bumps! We are a resourced dedicated to helping you eliminate and control scalp bumps, razor bumps, skin irritation, and other skin care related issues.

We will sharing pictures, video, tips, tricks, links, and of course resources.

Scalp Bumps may be caused by many different circumstances, it is important to follow directions and reviews of products for best results. There is no real overnight solution or “magic potion” you need to take the proper steps and the correct products.

3 Quick Tips to eliminate or remove razor and scalp bumps and irritation:

#1 – Use fresh and clean razor. – This is often overlooked, keep your razor blades dry to add longevity, clean with alcohol before and after use, and use a quality razor. Cheap throwaway razors will cause a lot of irritation!

#2 Use Shaving Cream and Keep Skin Warm – Use hot water and massage face/head area before shaving, this will greatly help reduce irritation and bumps. Use any type of shaving cream, or even look for a sensitive or aloe induced cream. You can find quality shaving cream at dollar tree, etc.. So don’t overspend on special “bump reducing” creams unless you have a pretty serious breakout.

#3 Treat Scalp and Face Immediately after Shaving – Your skin is gonna be most susceptible to irritation immediately after shaving, this is what we call the “tender period”. It is important to get cold water and some type of after shave solution on your skin asap. If you are currently fighting a bump problem, it is important to use a sensitive and lotion based after shave.

Keep checking back and enjoy our resource.

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